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Really cool, though I miss options regarding the proportions. It would be really cool if you could change tit size or height in general or hip size.


I Cant Get Here To Bend On The Table Please Help

try fingering her ass - works for me ! ;)

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I maded some tests with tridef3D and its very great,maybe if her ass were a little more big,a little,it can be perfect for VR,overall is great,some effects of are better like Edge,because with edge we doesnt see the 3Ddepth on boobs and some others parts...also when she is standing and shows the back on final sex scene (anal) its weird,her vagina appears to be big,so only you testing to notice...but its my comments for an future update if you get VR.

Another great thing: on table sex scene i feel myself penetrating she,its amazing ^_^

Click on my comment,i put a link there with img

Wow! How cool! Thanks for sharing this :)

It does give me a better idea of what needs to be changed if I ever use VR for my games. I think until I have my own headset, I won't feel comfortable developing for VR because there are so many nuances I would want to polish myself that would be hard to pinpoint through text and bug reports from others.

P.S. I edited your comment to look less like spam at a glance ;p

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This was a nice, charming little game! The animations, customization options, and visual quality were all great. I love how her erect nipples, cameltoe, and anus all peak through her clothes. I also like the attention to detail with Abby's cute physical responses like twitching or staggering in surprise. Most of these can be forgiven because this wasn't meant to be a large project, but it's unfortunate that the cum doesn't stay on her, there's only one session of sex instead of several rounds of cumshots, and that there's no penetration through clothing. It somewhat defeats the purpose of some outfits if you had to undress most of them off her anyway like the yoga pants and bunny suit. Maybe this can be an idea for the future? And when I mean penetration through clothing, I mean untorn, intact clothing being stretched and tested. Some examples: 1, 2, 3
But overall, this is far better than what people can ask for, especially for its size and price. Apologies for the huge block of a comment.

Thanks for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed :)

Originally I would have made alternative clothes models that pushed aside during sex to remove clipping during those scenes. It looked strange to have penetration straight through the clothes despite the concept that you referenced so I ended up going the rout that I did to save time and keep things looking polished.

I love the way you maded,it try to enter but dont enter...its sexy

I love the idea of trying penetrate even with cloths,spandex and tighty cloths...i wish it as update too.;D

I wish I had a more disposable income, while small, the concept for a good game is here and I'd like to see it/them progress. Maybe when a few or possibly all of the Autumnhearth collection is out you could bundle them

This was a bit of an experiment for my first project so I wanted it to stay small. I'm glad you enjoy it though :)

My next game will be much larger so keep an eye out for that!

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So I've been playing for bit now and put about 2.5 hours into the game but I can't seem to get the position were she's on her back. Am I just being stupid and missing it or was that a feature that didn't make to the end release?

Edit: I was being stupid, I got it a few min after the original post.

Glad you figured it out :)


how do we get the vaginal sex scene?


Thanks its amazing game,im loving it,i want to know how can i get she on up of table,also i want to congratulations because its very rich of things: she reacts,surprise on various parts of body,you can make she angry,naughty and she talk much phrases. I want more about fantasy,it could be fun but also the pale ton can be zombie too... one good update is make it work with VR,only sbs 3D is great..or support on htc vive.congratulations hope you guys grow and as much as i can i will support..its amazing!


Thank ya! To reach the sex scenes, you need to pleasure Abby until the option appears ;)

Got it! i did it,its so amazing ^_^ The great is that you used dx 11 above,so i can use for VR too..i will test as soon as possible.

Im very fascinated for this little game,and i cant wait for updates *-*

That would be really cool if you got that to work! I always wanted to try and add VR but I don't have a system to test on :|

Im sorry you dont have it,so i love VR,i started 2 years ago searching and i started with cardboard vr,them i jump to vrbox,its a good try you can notice what 3D depth is capable,i played only 2 games on it and i was "WOOOW" the hair in front of face,the boobs,butt and all...but them since there i was amounting to get PSVR when it launched,i got and and its far beyound what you see,i went back to vrbox and notice the power of PSVR, you really have the feel of dimension and proportions,a real sense of scale,and i the vr box is like an wall 2m far your eyes and a screen right there only in 3D,on psvr you really is there seen it,its like your eyes on this new world.

So a first step is great: you developer with cardboard and later you can bring more,but i have other solution: ask for someone to help,i did a lot on unity days ago,but never did a game,only to learn,you can get easy OSVR plugins and integrate on unity,of course now you can get psvr too,i dont know how.

Them lets talk about what i tested: i used tridef3D and got 2 images (split screen) and put on trinus gyre psvr,it shows me a zoomed imagem (precisely the center of screen) i can see only until the 3rd button on character creation,and on left i can see a little of wall near her right arm (girl is in front of us),so my tip is: you really need to have VR to modifier the menu,im studing how solve it to see all,but you can simple put (finish button) on Enter button of keyboard or press Start on joystick,or move the button to near the character. So that was my problem i couldnt go beyond character customization.

I wish i could get and adjust for you on unity for VR,but i would simple get OSVR and try to adjust for PSVR as well as HTC VIVE and RIFT,but you have another great and simple solution: try to integrate with Steam VR,its all ready for it.

Another tip: you have unreal engine that have VR plugin too but i dont know much about it.

I love the heck out of your game excpect a donation from me ! XD

Thank you very much! You are too kind :)

No problem! I just have to wait to get paid on the 15th of this month I got chu homie on patreon for sure :3

I wish nipples growing... i love she reacting

for some reason no sound comes out of mine :(

I'm sorry to hear! I haven't been able to recreate any of the "no audio" problems that have been reported. You may have to do some troubleshooting on your end.

Ooof darn. I have no idea what to do hahaha if ever i find a way (which will be a miracle if i do) ill give you a heads up. anyways, love the game! just all of it is great! keep on keeping on!

Hey there. Good job so far mate!

Visually, it's stunning. From the way the background is made, to the animations and the emotions, it really shows that you're a great developer. This is your first project, right? Well then! Keep the great work! I'm planing on supporting your Patreon. Good luck with the development process!

May I ask, are there only two sex scenes, though?

Anyways, have a great day!

- Ace

Hey Ace!

Thank you for the praise! This is my first NSFW game but I have worked on other projects in the past. I'm happy to welcome you on Patreon! The support I get on there is what fuels my work and why I'll be starting a second, much larger project, in the near future :)

And that's right! ONLY two sex scenes :p There were more planned but I didn't want to spend too much time on such a simple game.

Take care!


Its amazing game,hope it grows and can be VR game too.

do you have any other games?

This is my first. I'm starting my next game very soon. It is much larger in scope so we will have to be patent ;)

cool beans


Exist in VR mode?

Sorry, friend! No VR for this game. I did consider it :p Maybe it's something I can add later but I'm moving on to the next project now.

^^ No problem :)

Is the next project gonna be just as sexy? I donate on patreon and I was just wondering. Cause my womanhood trembles at this animation......

Hey great game man! Quick question. You just released the final copy of it, I downloaded it and want to know, whats the difference in this release compared to the last one? I dont have any money to follow you on patreon so I can access patch notes and such.


Patrons do get more extensive notes and updates on project progress but I can give you a brief explanation of what was added sense b 1.8 :)

The game is now available on Windows, Mac, AND Linux. I fixed and changed various HUD and UI as well as added options to lock the camera to three desirable parts of Abby's body. Most, if not all of the model clipping was addressed. I gave the cursor some graphics that indicate points of interaction. Then I also made some adjustments to the audio to hopefully balance it out.

Glad you are enjoying the game!

You're an inspiration.

Don't stop believeing, my friend :)

Hi, first of all I want to say that this game is a 10/10 for me!! ^-^

I hope you continue the great work! :)

I don't know if you're planning on adding more content to this game but would be really awesome on seeing new positions and the option to actually scare Abby!

Thank you so much! I'm happy you enjoy my work :)

This game is all wrapped up so I won't be adding any more content to it. The final build will be uploaded here within a few days so keep an eye out!

I'm starting my next game soon so if you follow me on tumblr or Patreon, you will find out more about that when I post :)

GREAT JOB.....I love Abby! I can't seem to get to get the voice going? I get a few moans now and then. Then they are very soft even with volume up all the way. I tried both Window versions....

Interesting! I'll look into what might be causing that.

I appreciate it. Can't understand why it is doing that. I am running Windows 8. Thanks

Stay tuned for the final release coming soon. There is a chance the problem is fixed in that version!

Yea I uploaded it to a friends comp with windows 10. And same thing. Weird

so whats new?

b 1.8 includes a bunch of additions and improvements but the big one is voice and mouth movement! It's great, I recommend taking a look and a listen! The actress did a really great job :)

welp ok then.

Have a great time creating your masterpiece!

is that picture of Abby on her back the desk an available option or is that not in the game yet?

It's all there, friend!

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Question though, how? Is it a special interaction?

EDIT: Well, I got it on accident. Just rubbed her feet. Gonna assume positions are random though. Although I did expect rubbing her feet to cause a footjob to happen, that'd been funny.

I'm surprised you first tried her feet as aposed to other parts of her body to spir a sex scene :p Points for creativity though ;)

This is really fun! I like the way she moves and her expressions. I know this game is done, but a loose flowy shirt that hangs gently over her curves would be a really cute addition. Same for a long flowing skirt. Show off the curves but hide the body until they are removed. Looking forward to more games; you do a great job!

Thank you! I won't be adding any more clothes but I have sense added voice to the game so keep an eye out for later updates! There are at least two more public releases until the full game is availible :)


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If I was to make two requests, if it isn't possible that is okay.

1: Could we have an eye color option?

2: When its over and asks if we've spoken to her enough and we get the option to do it again; could it reset to before she goes to the table? Then we could take her from the front and afterward take her from behind. ;)

I love the game and especially the character design. The way they move is really natural and fluid. And I love their feet. Not sure why. Just, they're like really cute little hooves. Love it.

At this point, the game is wrapped up. I should be able to post the final build here along with Mac and Linux versions withing the next few weeks :)

Because I'm finished with this project, I won't be able to make anymore changes but I'll keep your suggestions in mind when I start working on my next game! But just so you know, we will have options to change eye and lip color in that game as well as a bunch of other modifications to your character's body :)

I'm happy to hear you like the game! Your appreciation makes it all the more worthwhile for me to spend the extra time on animation and other aspects of the game.

excellent work! Keep it up, it's really good !!

Thank you very much :D It's nice to hear you are enjoying my work!

Hello, would you want any help ? I would be glad to participate to a project that cool. (I'm a C# developper). Funtastic project anyway.

You could add a mood system, and stealth mod where you must 'spook' a girl in center of class.

Thanks for the offer but I'm not in a good position right now to manage more than myself :p I appreciate your interest though and I would like to look into modding oportunities for my next game :)

Please tell me the next version will have keyboard controls for the camera. For whatever reason the only controls that work for me on the mouse are LMB and zoom with the wheel. I can't rotate the camera at all. Otherwise it's a great game and the (x86) version works fine.

That is strange... I'm not sure what could be going on there. Are you sure you are holding down the RMB and moving the mouse to rotate?

absolutely, just isn't doing it. I couldn't tell you why, but I was definitely sad about it : /

I'm sorry about that! I'm not able to recreate this issue on my end so there's no way for me to troubleshoot it. All I can do is offer some advice off the top of my head:

It could be an issue with special mouse drivers that come with some gaming mice or laptop track-pads. If you are using any kind of key binding and remapping software, that might get in the way too. If the inputs in the Unity player were modified, that would cause the game to act funny so re-downloading and using a fresh version will fix that. And be sure you are using the proper version for your system. If you have a 32 or 86 bit system, you should be using the (x86) version.

Hopefully some of that helps, if not than I'll just keep an eye out for similar cases and go from there. I'll also look into modifying the camera control script to use other inputs for rotation for the final version of the game.

I love what you've done so far keep up the good work. If I may make a suggestion or two, how about adding a futanari option to the game or even your future games. Being a school for magic, it wouldn't be too out there to see something like that. Furthermore the ghost could give her handjobs, blowjobs or even be screwed by her. Just to be on the same page I'm talking chicks with a penis but also has a vagina and not a straight up balls and penis only type deal. Yes its a bit out there and I'll likely get shade thrown on me for the suggestion but I rather take the jeers with the chance it may end up being an idea your into, then staying quiet and maybe miss out on something that could have been.

I'm always glad to hear suggestions so fear not! It's too late for this game but I already have plans for stuff like that in my next game :) I'll get started on that once Poke Abby is complete so keep an eye out on my tumblr for updates!

Glad to hear that. I'll keep an ear to the ground for your next game. Thanks for the consideration.

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You're gonna think I'm weird for this. I am weird. But I'm just gonna throw this out there anyway. Let me play with her navel please.

I never thought of that ;p

I misunderstood the poking mechanic and spent an embarassingly large amount of time clicking on her belly button because I mistook the waist poke for a glitchy navel play option.

AWESOME GAME....can't wait for more games! Abby needs to give a BJ to the ghost.

Yeah, a BJ is a great idea.

Yup! BJs. Can't get enough of 'em.

Dude, I love this, do more please.

You got it :D
This one is almost done so when it is, I'll move on to the next one!

Hi Is there least update for Alpha 0.9? Seem my computer work on x86 even it has 32 bit... Weird.

Another update should be coming soon and it will include a 64 and 32 bits version so you will be up to date :)

The graphics are beautiful for a game made on the Unity Engine. You have quite the talent. Keep up the great work,

great game, need to see more of this sort of thing.

Are there any plans/way to import/add custom content? Also: have you ever played the flash-game "Super Deepthroat"?

Thank you very much :) I'll post all my games here so be sure to follow and should alert you!

I'm a big fan of games that allow custom content like you mentioned and it would be really cool to do it for one of my projects. As of now, I don't have plans to add that functionality to this game but it's not out of the question. If I find there is an easy way to expose the game files I'll consider doing it for this and possibly my other games :)

This game is great. I would suggest a few things.

A POV first view and third person view choices.

A body for the ghost maybe.

choice for a cum button rather than it been automatically with the hearts.

More camera angles, (similar to the first suggestion).

Choice of cumming in or out of her or both.

I can see this game having huge potential. Keep it up.

Great feedback! I'll keep all that in mind :)

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By my opinion, its perfect, graphics and gameplay are top notch. Realy great job.

I apreciate it :) Thanks for playing!

Saw this on lewdgamer. For a Unity game its super great work. The visuals surpass many other ANYthing I have poked in some time. I can only wait and hope that development does not stop on yet another great example of this kind of thing.

You are too kind! Thanks :)

I'll keep making games until I can't make games no more!

Deleted post

Thanks for playing :)

And for thinking I'm quality!


Any chance of this being built for Linux (64-bit)?


I'm going to stay away from doing builds for systems other than my own (Windows 10 64-bit) until I can find someone to trust with testing for those setups consistently. There's no way for me to know if a build for a different system will work and if not, how I need to address the problem.

People have requested this in the past so I'll try to get alternate system builds up here once I get the chance to look into it :)

32 bits version?

I've made specific 32 bit builds in the past but nobody has confirmed weather or not they work so I haven't been making them. The version I put up should be working with both 32 and 64. Have you tried running the game?

Deleted post
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Can you make this game work on Windows 10 please?

It crashes when i launch it and i'm on Windows 10.

Oh no! I test on Windows 10 so there must be a different issue going on.

The most common problem with running the game is firewall so make sure your firewall doesn't suspect the game as a threat. Sometimes firewall will pick what ever file inside the root that it doesn't happen to like and cancel the game process.

If you aren't able to get to the Unity player before it crashes, that might indicate your system is not 64 bit. The game current'y requires a 64 bit system to work. If you are able to get passed the player, try using different quality settings before launching the game.

That's about all I can think of with out seeing a crash report or something... Let me know if any of this works for you :)

I took a screenshot and this is what it says right after I launch the game:

Nvm. I was looking at the crash report and it says exactly what you said that it can't run if my system is 32 bit.

Are you going to make a 32 bit version?

I tried making one before but nobody confirmed if it worked or not so I assumed not. I uploaded that old build on the page for you to try called "(x86)" so if that works for you, let me know and I'll make sure to create regular 32 bit versions with each public release :)

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