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is there a button for me to change her position from doggy to another pose ? 

Hey , this is the best game i ever played in my life , the animation is really good , the character design is reallllllyy nice , btw have u planed to do some update soon ? or like added some new outfit or something like a new pose like that ? really looking into it bro... keep it up oh yeah sorry for my grammar just hope u get what i mean hehe

Hi there :)

The only way to see the other positions is to reset and rub Abby in a different way. She will decide what pose she wants ;)

And thanks so much for your praise! I'm glad you enjoy the game. This project is actually finished so we won't see any new content for it but I'll always be updating Flip Book with new content and I'm working on an all new game you can check out once it's ready to show!

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Nice, man!  Character design is cute and the animation is really good.  I can tell you put a lot of time into this, and the results are impressive.

I know you're done working on this but I'm gonna tell you my idea anyway.  This would have greatly enhanced the game's replay value:  At the end there could be a "continue / next day" option which skips the customization screen and starts the game again with the same appearance options selected - but this time Abby's behavior is slightly different; more seductive.  Now she knows the ghost is there, she is sneaking into the classroom deliberately for sexytimes.  She stands at the desk and waits for ghostly phenomena to commence.  If you don't poke her for a while, then she starts wandering around the room, looking for you and striking lewd poses to get your attention.

Yeah I know the amount of work to make that would be almost as much as making the original game, but you can't deny it would be hot!  Maybe file that idea away for later...

I really love that idea :) It would be a huge amount of work but if I had set that as my goal to begin with, the game would have been stronger overall for sure.

I'm happy you enjoyed the game anyway and I appreciate your comment :)

No problem dude, it's a really good lil' game just as it is.  Top notch quality; it's amazing that this was made by one person.  I will be looking for your next project for sure .. might have to check out your Patreon if I get to itchin' for progress updates ..


I recently downloaded the Steam app "Wallpaper Engine" and it got me thinking about a possible little interactive Abby wallpaper. I'll assume from now you know what that is, but if you don't then I'd be happy to buy it from you.

I don't know how coding works. Or creating anything in general. But I was wondering how possible it would be for you to consider having a little interactive Abby desktop wallpaper. I'd assume it would be either a sort of dress-up (similar to the Abby customisation screen) or the first half of the base game (with the stock Abby [or maybe little customisation] and the "poking" part) all available on your desktop.

This is just an inkling of an idea, but I'd love to hear back from you. I know you're busy developing and working on other projects like Flip Book or Fuu Garden. Thanks!

Sidenote: Are the graphics the only difference in the HD version of Poke Abby or is there more content? Thanks.

Hey there!

I checked out Wallpaper Engine and it seems pretty cool! From what I read, the application feature is Unity based so maybe its possible to just open the .exe through Wallpaper Engine's task-bar menu. If that doesn't work, I think I would need to make a special build that doesn't use the initial resolution dialogue at launch. Give it a try and see :) I'm not so sure I have enough time to create new builds of Poke Abby these days so I can only offer verbal support for the time being :p

And to answer your side note question; there is no extra content in the HD version of Poke Abby. It's purely an up-rez of the character models. Later on down the line I may further update the visuals but I don't think I'll be adding any more content to that game unfortunately.


I've tried running  both the .exe file itself and the folder with all the data of the game in WPE; all it returns is an error. :/

On an unrelated note, have you set a Discord up for yourself? I think it would be a really neat idea to have a space for fans to interact and talk to each other about your projects, as well as a place to post updates on your new patreon-exclusive and non-patreon-exclusive works. If not, I would really recommend doing so.

Sorry for such a late reply, I don't use, and I only actually made the account to post my first comment to you. Oh well. If you are entertained by the idea of an Oxopotion discord, then please do add me at nibby#5534


- Ellise.


huh.... a game where you poke a girl.. well i have no words,  i just never thought of a game like this 


Just poke her man. No big deal ;p

I loved to see it improves her ass shape,i mean its not to much "squared",its more soft,i really like to know if there is support for control (ps4 or xbox) ?


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I'll be making improvements to this character model for the player character in my next project :) There should be ways to make adjustments too if you want different volumes.

Nice to know *_- i Will keep in touch It makes me Very interested

Loved this game. Bought the HD version. Cant wait to see what you make next!

Thanks! We'll get there eventually ;)

I absolutely adore this little game, everything is pretty spot on. I have a few things I'd love to have added, but this is a nice, very hot little game as is.

Do you have any plans to expand it with more content? Extra scenes, different ways to tease, different outfits, etc.

I desperately want to be able to make her cum while standing, or be able to move into some more intense groping/fingering instead of having to move to normal sex to finish her off. Additionally, it seems like she gets pretty riled up from foot massages, it would be nice to see a scene geared towards that~

All in all, I loved the game, had to pick up the HD version to support it, gave it a 5/5, great job!

Thank you so much for your support! I appreciate it and I love to hear your feedback and thoughts on the game :) To answer your question; this game is complete and I won't be adding any more content to it. I'll be focusing all my energy on my current game project still in early development.

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Dear Oxo,

This game is really impressive! Normally, i go for sims but when i saw the model, it piqued my interest and i am glad i gave it a try. Most games i have played sometimes comes of rushed or feels cheap when delivering on its erotic promises. You play it once and then your done, or mid game you start looking for elsewhere. I mean, at its core... this is sex. Regardless if its porn, hentai, or an erotica, there is this level of deliverence thats polished and apealing to the kinks and horny side of all of us. Most hentai games don't deliver on that promise.

Poke abby looks professional, runs smoothly, and engaging enough to have me create an account here for nothing else than to give some feedback. So here goes...



Simply to good to not have more content. Add a few more ending scenes/sex posses. Blow job, masturbation, etc etc.


The player is a ghost/poltergeist. Give us the ability to mess with the environment. Knock some books down wich would get her bend over... or perhaps add an object thay can be used on her... in Short, interaction with the environment would be a second level of immersion wich also fits the narative.


This is a personal request. Make a mobile version. I would pay for this.

Final thoughts.


As much as i enjoyed poke abby, it feels incomplete. It feels that there could be more in your first game of the planned series. It feels immersive and i want to immerse myself into the world you are creating but there just isnt enough content to do so. I am not saying add a "blow job" button. I loved that i had to figure out how to get abby on her back. Its like playing a mini game to tease out an orgasm. Loved it. Now... i know what i am saying means more models to create, wich means more work and you are only one person. But, i do not think this should be free or that its worth 7$ and a bit more content would justify the 15$ from dlsite. So lets say 12$. The point is... this is a demo for a 25-30$ game.

I would buy this.

You have made a fan out of me this day and i eagerly await your next product.

Scincerely yours,



Thank you so much, Repairm3, for your feedback :) I love hearing back from the community and it is always nice to see someone so compelled by my work to write such a comprehensive comment!

I agree with you and I have felt that way about this project ever since moved away from it. The content has always felt slim for what it seemed to promise but when it came down to it, I had to wrap it up. The concept I had planed was intended to be simple but before long and after many community suggestions, I was cramming all kinds of extra content and features into it. It got to the point where the project was hard to work inside and the more I put in, the slower my workflow became. So instead of continuing to build on this project, I finalized it as best as I could.

I learned a lot from that project and I'll take all that knowledge and all of your feedback into my next game :)

Thanks again!

P.S. I love your thought about adding more interactions with the environment! That would have been a great layer of polish I never even considered :)

this is a great little game, thanks for making it! I'd love to see more interaction during the sex scenes beyond put it in, or take it out. since you have the hand, it'd be nice to be able to grope different areas in the same way you do before the sex, but I understand that's more work.

Thank you :) And I agree. One of the biggest shortcomings of this project is the lack of interactions in the second scene. I would have liked to add in another set of interactions during sex but it would have almost doubled the amount of animations I needed to make. In the end, I figured I should find a good stopping point and move on with my next game rather than make people wait several months for me to finish this little game.

totally understandable, I look forward to seeing more from you ^__^

The demo is quite good and the change in quality is apparent while playing. That said the difference isn't very noticable from the screenshot comparisons and (this may just be my machine but) the framerate seemed lower than the original while playing on recomended settings.

after trying the demo, there still isn't any sound! i mean i love the game and wanna consider getting this but the no sound thing is keeping me from buying :( any fixes?

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Sorry about that! You are still the only case of this happening. I can only assume it's a localized issue because I'm unable to recreate this problem on my end. I wouldn't recommend buying this version of the game if you are seeing problems in the demo. All versions and demos perform consistently so any problems you have on one will most likely be seen on all of them.

Try seeing if others have the same issue with other Unity games and troubleshooting ways to resolve it.

It is a bit pricey but I totally understand selling the HD version since you put in EVEN MORE work than you did before!

Thank you :) Also, the normal version is completely free! So I figured it would balance out :p


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I really like your work but I think that this isn't necessary at all.
Also, what I think the game would need instead of better graphics is more content, especially more animations/poses/scenes. I can't imagine that someone will buy the game for 15$ because of the "better" graphics ...

This release does have a negative connotation I think,
anyway I hope people will buy this to support you in future..


Hey there! Thanks for your input. Any time I see backlash from something I produce, it's a signal that I need to make some changes so I appreciate your forwardness.

I'm hoping it will be worth it for some people and if not then it's probably just a price-point thing. If that's the case than I'll drop it a bit but I still wanted this version to feel exclusive to some degree because it was a reward for Patreon supporters who already committed quite a bit more. I do want to be clear, however, that I never intended the release of this content to come across as negative in any way!