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My name is oxopotion and I'm happy you stopped by!

Poke Abby is the first game in a potential series of 3D interactive sex games taking place at the Autumnhearth College for Magically Gifted Beings.

This project as well as my other erotic work is only made possible thanks to the amazing support of my wonderful patrons. If you are interested in seeing monthly progress and getting exclusive content, consider supporting me on my Patreon!


If that's not your thing then you are in the right place! Here you can download the full game for free and if your feeling inspired, there is an option to name your own price and support my work with how ever much you want :)

In Poke Abby you notice one of the students sneaking down to the potions class while everyone else is in the great hall. As a ghost of Autumnhearth, it is your duty to make sure the students aren't getting themselves into trouble! Clearly the responsible thing to do is to wait for her in the potions classroom and catch her by surprise!

Before Abby arrives in the potions classroom, you are able to customize her appearance in many different ways including hair and skin color, outfit, and various accessories. Once Abby is in the classroom, you are free to spook, poke, rub, and undress her as much as you like!

While being poked in the head repeatedly is understandably annoying there are some spots that Abby loves being touched. Find out what spots cause the most pleasure and Abby might invite you over to the desk for some extra fun!


  • Click LMB: Poke
  • Hold LMB: Rub
  • RMB: Rotate camera
  • MMB: Pan camera
  • RMB +Ctrl: Pan camera
  • Mouse Wheel: Zoom in and out
  • RMB + Shift: Zoom in and out
  • Esc: Quits the game

VR Controlls

  • Trigger/Grip Button: Poke/Rub
  • Thumbpad/Thumbstick: Teleport
  • App Button/A Button: Options Panel
  • Esc: Quits the Game


Download NowName your own price

Click download now to get access to the following files:

Poke Abby (x64).zip 55 MB
Poke Abby (x86).zip 53 MB
Poke Abby (Linux).zip 67 MB
Poke Abby (Mac OS X).zip 67 MB
Poke Abby VR (Win x64).zip 41 MB


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please add mobile version. Poket game is so... good


can this be run on oculus rift but with keyboard? i don't have the touch controllers

When I run the VR version with my Oculus Rift and Touch Controllers connected, the game still opens in a window on my laptop and uses the keyboard controls. Does anyone know how to make the game open using the Oculus Rift and Touch controllers?


please let her suck too it would be awesome

I couldn't agree more. That, and a titjob option would be amazing.

xD haha. Indeed bruh. Indeed.

it is stuck on too small of a resolution for the menu to display properly...

I think we can have more functions, right?


keep your good work up! :)
the only thing what i dont like are 
- you cant change the voice
- there is only 2 option to change her hair
- the game was a little to short

maybe it was to ment just to enjoy to play with her body and maybe i am the only one who think that way but i would like to have a game that i can spent at least 30min and not to get bored that quickly

i did enjoyed this game but doing the same thing is getting boring for me

i did donate my money to you and i will wait what your new game looks like :)


I love the style and level of detail but i do have a few problems with it. Like the girls tops look painted on and not like fabric. Partly cause the contouring between the boobs is impossibly tight and because clothing that tight would cause the breast to have VERY restrictive movement. if what they are wearing is painted on clothes i would have to say its a bad aesthetic choice . Part of the erotic nature of undressing someone is to have the body not just covered but details and form covered up to the point where there is still some mystery. Cleavage which is also erotic comes from the breasts taking form with the clothing and being accentuated by the cut of the shirt's neck line.  I would have to say part of the reason its bad is also because its unnatural. i actually have at least one more reason but i'm going to move on. As someone else pointed out. I would really like it if they had actual feet. The large tail seems like it should be the small tail and I wish you put a cat tail in.  instead of  just making the tail generic when it really looks like a specific breed's dog tail. again i really liked the tech demo and would love to get a full game from this with story and all this is just some constructive criticism because i see this and think this could be incredible and i want you to succeed.

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Hi! thanks for the update and the hard work!! But,,, Is it possible to not be in VR mode? I'm just a keyboard user I can't select almost anything with the green hands laying...


I second the request. The game is reaaaally hard to play currently. And something is weird the way the game is packaged. There are two _Data folder but one is in a subfolder and there are no matching .exe file


Instead of downloading the "Poke Abby VR (Win x64).zip" download "Poke Abby (x64).zip" or which ever non-VR version matches your OS. When you play the VR version with out a VR system, you will have very limited mouse and keyboard controls.

How do you pull her to the table?

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Very cool game! one thing though which put me off is that she doesnt have feet but instead she has hoofs. im not into that kind of thing lol is there by any chance could there be option of changing that or? 


any thought of a android version?


This reminds me of a older 3D game very similar to this one. While its interesting to have 3D females it would be nice if someone came up with the idea of guys stimulated by girls?

Hey awesome work, started supporting you on patreon and bought the hd version.

Any chance to get the hd models for vr?

I wish you guys make apk version of Poke Abby, i will gladly to pay for it.

I just bought the game but can only seem to find tone scene. are there more

hey, i played it earlier and i found there was barley any other views?


pls do android

Questions : Where did you find the sounds for touching and insertion ? I want to make a sandbox game like that but without sounds it will be werd x) Anyway this is one of the best games i've played ! Beautiful models, gorgeous animations, perfect ! Waiting for your next game :D

For the sex sfx I just picked up a few here and there any time someone was sharing links and created a little library of sounds :) I also got some from random free sounds websites I would recommend checking out. Just don't search for "sex noise" or something because nobody lists sounds that way. Look for "fruit squishing" or stuff like that ;)

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okay thanks ! :D

Basically, instead of sounds from actual sex, use foley.


Poke Abby VR is now out!

Give it a try and let DeviantDev and I know how it's working :)

how do i play it in vr?


There are VR builds to download on the Poke Abby twitch page.

The version I've verified working is Windows x64 with the Oculus and Vive. You'll want to run SteamVR first.


I can't seem to find the outfits, ears, horns, or tails. Do I have to get the HD version?

You should have access to all that stuff from the beginning of the game. Once you select an outfit and everything for Abby, you will need to reset to change it again. The only thing you can change during gameplay is the visibility of each article of clothing for the outfit you chose.

The game is really well made but we need some titty fuck and i think there is no pussy fuck but i may be wrong ;3

There are two sex scenes for you to find :)

Is there going to be added animation? It feels like it's missing the titty fuk & blow job mode LOL!!! Love the setting and animations, it's the best of this type of hentai genre.

This game is complete so I won't be adding any more content. But keep an eye out for the VR version coming soon :)

After launching, it progresses through the loading screens, however when it gets to the screen where you customize Abby, it just gives me a blank screen. The only thing that changes anything about the screen is toggling anti-aliasing, which just changes between neon pink and the empty skybox. Any suggestions as to what I can do?

This sounds like some sort of graphics driver inconsistency. I don't think there is much I can recommend other than being sure you have the proper version of the game for your operating system and seeing if updating your drivers does anything. Sorry for the trouble!

Question. Will poke Abby come to Android? I'd really like to see it there if ever possible. I Think it would be fantastic there.

this is the best erotic game i have played yet! so well polished! i just love the whole style and smooth animations to this game!!!


I'm happy you like it :)

love poke abby this is awiked game to suport i look forward for more content and more posion to put her in and a longer game

I keep on getting "This app can't run on your pc", is it just my rather bad graphics card that doesn't allow me to use it?

this may be caused due to trying to change a .zip to a .exe if this is what you did then you need to change it back to .zip and extract the .zip folder using 7zip or winrar , if you didnt do that then i have no idea and it wont be a graphics card problem that would cause that message. so i have no idea~

Ah, thanks, i'll try that out.

Awesome game.. I've given it a try for my channel too:


Excellent! Thanks for all the effort of putting this together :) It was fun to listen to all the expectations you had before getting into the game ;p Definitely more ambitious than I was ;)

Not a problem! I really enjoyed it nonetheless! Maybe some food for thought? :)


I've resolved to making less lewd games for the indefinite future so hopefully there will be more room for creativity as you pointed out :)

Whelp keep me in the loop! Lewd games are cool too!

Any other games you've made you'd recommend (lewd or not)?

The only think that would make this game better to me is the ability to make potions and transform her mid game

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my game isnt loading, it gets to the unity screen and then nothing happens. (correction, screen goes black and i get noise but nothing other than that)

Make sure you have the correct version of the game for your system. If you are sure and are still having problems, there may be an inconsistency with your graphics card. Try looking into similar issues people have had with other Unity games; you may find an answer there.

hey just found your works. Poke Abby is a simply game but the detail and animation is fantastic. an erotic game set in a fantasy setting is pretty interesting but it works so well.  what other works are you working on?  and are they all erotic? 

I was making another installment but I'm no longer working on erotic games so unfortunately that project is paused indefinitely.

no longer making them at all or just working on other things

I just want to ask what age would you make her?

This game is set in the Autumnhearth College for Magically Gifted Beings. Being a college conveniently places her in the 18 years of age and up group.

Hey I'm new here. I happened upon this game on YouTube and followed the link. However to my dismay there is no Android version which I do understand as this is a computer game. Just saying that I'd happily pay for an android version. 

I hear ya! Still working on getting the VR version finished up. After that I can't say for sure there will be a android version but it's always very highly requested.

Does anyone know haw you get to the sex positions I just can't figure it out

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never mind found it

please please please please please make an android version i know its hard work but it worth the try and i saw people play this game and its so f***ing amazing


Hi so i just bought the hd version also got both download for pc and extracted it to a folder with both data and exe. and i load it but it goes to unity powered then a black screen then sounds and then the mouse become the hand and it stops there but the sounds keeps on playing and when i configure it the selection for monitor does not have an option but there is an option for resolution and speed and a box that says windows and an input for controls on a tab next to screen so im not sure what to do and i running windows 10 on an amd a6 processor from lenovo so not sure if this is the cause but let me know since i really want to try this game.

me and my sister have spent pretty much all damn day playing this game. cute animations! ill be buying a version of it as soon as i start working!

Glad to hear it :)

can you make an android version

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