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My name is oxopotion and I'm happy you stopped by!

Fuu Garden was intended to be an open world adventure RPG where the player played as their own unique attendant at the Autumnhearth College for Magically Gifted Beings and explored the near by forest during a field trip. The game is no longer in production but what came out of it was this nice looking little explorable forest I thought would be nice to share with everyone!

When you begin the game you will find yourself at a large greenhouse building. This is where all the students would have gathered after their long trek through the woods from the Autumnhearth college which can be seen off in the distance. The greenhouse is also where the magical creatures known as Fuu would be hatched and nurtured by the player.

After learning about the Fuu and where to find them, the you would make your way from the greenhouse into the woods! Here you are free to explore but because this project was never seen through to completion, there are no characters to be found. Only a brisk walk through the mystical forest awaits you.


  • W, A, S, and D: Movement
  • Mouse Movement: Rotate view
  • RMB: Zoom in
  • Space: Jump
  • Tab (Press): Toggle phone
  • Tab (Hold): Toggle phone closeup
  • Esc: Quits the game


  • Num Enter: Toggle Debug Mode
  • 1 - 9 and 0: Teleport to location
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Authoroxo potion
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Did you have source openly? this game landscape was good.

Hey just wanted to say I absolutely loved your work and wanted to know if you would maybe in the future release some of your other nsfw animations? I remember they were patreon exclusive but there was horseplay and a few models ment to be used in fuu garden that i'm sure people would love to see. Maybe you're not comfortable anymore with bestiality type content but I just wanted to ask and see maybe if it was possible.

i love how peaceful it is lol. sorry to hear about the delays. Is there or will there be anyway to get to the castle though? love you x

I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

I never planned on making the castle explorable so the only way to get to there currently would be to climb up a tree and try to hop over the area coliders :p But I won't be approaching this project any time soon unfortunately so it will remain a simple explorable map indefinitely.


I'm sorry to hear about it oxo, but I'm glad we at least got this.  I love your work, keep it up!


Thanks :)


Why is it cancelled? :o


I had to move away from this kind of work and focus more on my other projects. This one was just too big for my breeches!


Where can we find more of your work?


this is a nice change of pace. I love the design work you got going on for it!!


I appreciate it :) Spent a lot of time on this map but never got the chance to go in for my next pass for smaller plants and particles stuff.


It really shows with how much you can just get lost into the world. I really hope this map proves useful to you at some point later on in another project. But as it is now, it feels nice to get lost in the world that you made. :D


At least we can enjoy the scenery of the game, it seems nice, sad that theres nothing to do but walk but hey I do like a beautiful walking sim


Hey at least you can jump too :p


oh crap thus changes everything, my mind has been absolutely destroyed