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My name is oxopotion and I'm happy you stopped by!

Flip Book is the best way to view all of my animations as they were meant to be seen! Now you can flip through and watch most any animation I have made in complete 3D! Okay not THAT kind of 3D but the virtual kind at least ;p

Because there are still many animations left to be added and because I never stop making new animations, this project will be continuously updating. Each update will come with, not only one or more new animations, but also new features to make things more and more enjoyable!

Once you purchase this game, you can come back any time to grab the most recent build with out ever paying again (make sure you are logged in to your itch.io account)! It's kind of like early access or something, right?


  • RMB (Hold): Rotate camera
  • MMB (Hold): Pan camera 
  • LMB (On Abby): Focus camera on point
  • LMB (Hold): Rotate sun
  • LMb (Double-Click) Reset sun
  • Mouse Wheel: Zoom in and out
  • 1,2,3: Focus camera on key points
  • Left Arrow Key: Previous animation
  • Right Arrow Key: Next animation
  • Esc: Exit the game

On a laptop or using a mouse with no mouse wheel or middle mouse button? You can use these alternative camera controls :)

  • Shift + RMB: Zoom in and out
  • Ctrl + RMB: Pan camera

This project as well as my other erotic work is only made possible thanks to the amazing support of my wonderful patrons. If you are interested in seeing monthly progress and getting exclusive content, consider supporting me on my Patreon! 



Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Flip Book Update 003 (Win x64).zip 34 MB
Flip Book Update 003 (Win x86).zip 32 MB
Flip Book Update 003 (Linux).zip 53 MB
Flip Book Update 003 (Mac OS X).app.zip 49 MB

Download demo

Flip Book Demo (Win x64).zip 34 MB
Flip Book Demo (Win x86).zip 32 MB
Flip Book Demo (Linux).zip 53 MB
Flip Book Demo (Mac OS X).app.zip 49 MB


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I just bought your Flip Book and Poke Abby HD :)

Thank you verry much! I hope you enjoy :) And remember to check in once in a while for Flip Book updates!

I did however notice some "glitches" in it like broken textures? 


I'm pretty sure I know what you are talking about. The weird deformations in the crotch during some animations? That's because those particular animations weren't made for Unity originally. I have it in my task list to fix that eventually so some day that will be gone ;p

I saw talk about gender options for your game(s), Which game is it planned for?

Tha'd be for Fuu Garden :) I'm working on it now.

Okay thank you, sorry for posting the question here, keep up the good work and don't over work yourself okay? 

I tried the demo and omg its so freaking hot :|

I'm thinking about getting this and Poke Abby HD 

I loved the original Poke Abby back 2 years ago.

I'm glad you liked it! It turned out to be a nice little project :) Hopefully I get a chance to add in some more stuff!

I'm glad you made it :D I want to ask something. Since you are the creator do you know of any "possible" way to add like Ruby Gloom to this ? Like is it possible to "mod" in a character? or anything xD

I want to see a Poke Ruby Gloom LOL

I'm sure its possible but I don't know how to do stuff like that. Modding isn't something I really have a grasp on right now. I'm sure others might be able to hack the game and put in their own stuff :)

That would be so cool xD I'm hoping to purchase your Flip Book and Poke Abby HD soon :)

Why no demo?


Oh! I didn't think to do a demo. I'll see about putting one together.


I just posted a demo for ya! Go ahead and try it out :)


Update 3 is out!

What’s new?

  • Previously absent climax animations from Poke Abby are now accessible!
  • Some wonderful fluid particles to go along with the climax animations!
  • Most of the Halloween 2016 animations! (4 out of the 6)
  • The ability to flip through the animations by using the left and right arrow keys!

Don’t forget! If you already purchased the last version, you can re-download this one for free!

I hope you enjoy :)


Can't wait update 003 of flipbook.


I'll upload it for you all by the end of this week :)


When should we expect 003 of flipbook to grace our screens?


Oops! Missed this one :p Sorry about that!

When I get some free time, I'll integrate outfits in some way and perhaps the climax animations including liquid particles :) I'm pretty loaded with work to do right now so it could be a little while. Maybe next month I'll set aside some time for that.

I purchased the game but didnt make an account now i dont know how to download the game? any help?

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Hey there! Sorry about the confusion. In order for the site to remember your purchase, you need to create an account and make the purchase through there. Then you will have access to the game download when ever you want so long as you log back in to that same account.

Because you didn't log in to make the purchase, you can message me on Tumblr confirming the e-mail address you made the purchase with and I will get you a download key :) That would be oxopotion.tumblr in case you have trouble finding it.

awesome stuff man

Thanks :) Glad you like it!

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Update 002 is out!

What's new?

  • Models have been replaced with HD models!
  • New sex animations from Poke Abby! (climaxes are locked for now)

If you already purchased the last version, you can re-download for free!

Enjoy :)

Awesome update!


It would be great if you can improve the texture of the pussy and the ass, but otherwise it looks awesome.

Paid for it! Love it!  Cant wait to see more!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! More to come and hopefully before too long :)

I'm having some trouble accessing the menu on my mac - any advice? the animations look great btw :)

now it works lol

Been long enough that I'm not sure you'll catch this, but any idea what the problem had been for you? I'm on Mac myself, and no matter what I press nor what I try and do to that little arrow on the left (assuming that's somehow involved), I never see any kind of menu. Basically stuck on the first animation.


It's got a teeny tiny hitbox - and it's just on the right side of the arrow - I had to play around for a bit but once you get it it'll open the menu with all the positions. The animations all have their own sound too :)

I'll look into this. It could have something to do with the resolution being too large in some cases. The GUI scales on it's own when the window size is changed so maybe something is off there. Thanks for the feedback :)

Ah! Thanks, klippi. Kind of baffles me that I didn't manage to hit that particular spot in my mad clicking, but sure enough, the hitbox was there.

And all the same, oxo, I'm happy to hear that you'll be looking into remedying that weirdness. Hoping that position menu was the only thing I was missing out on reaching.

I'm happy it's working for you now and you can enjoy all the current animations!

I've consistently had this issue. There's no keyboard shortcut for the menu, and my mouse won't go all the way to the left of the screen once the Unity logo dissapears and no matter what I do I can't click the menu button (or I can click it, but nothing happens).

Tried 720p, 800p, 1080p windowed/fullscreen - no luck. As a Unity guy myself, I don't think the fact I'm on Linux makes much of a difference.

I was able to get this to work months ago, but now I've re-downloaded it, I just can't.

Thanks for pointing this out! I'll be sure to look into what could be causing this. Also having a key to open the menu will be a good catch-all solution so thanks for that suggestion :)

Cool, but can it be updated to hd version?

Yup! I plan to add that in at some point :)

nice skin shader! What did you use for material?

Thanks! It's actually a 3rd party plugin for Unity :) I hesitate to state which one because, while people don't seem to mind their assets being used in games about mass slaughter of our fellow human beings, they tend to take offense when they find out their stuff is used for games with a bit of butt and boobs in them.

I think that you would only help the plugin get more buyers/users, as your game is a great presentation of its value.

Could you perhaps pm me the name or give me a little hint at least :p

its so wonderful

I assume this is literally just an animation viewer, and no sounds/voices are included? I'll buy it either way, but I'm just curious, since it wasn't specifically stated in the description

That's right! But I want to make it more than just a passive viewer over time. I'll be adding in outfit assets from Poke Abby as well as what ever else we come up with and I have time for :)

And I have added in sound and voice so that's all good isn't it?!

Yes indeed, that's very good! Thank you very much!

And I do like the outfits idea! ^^

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It appears to be Very Nice,do You have plan to support joysticks like PS4 and Xbox Control? 

Im Very anxious to see How this Works... Hope It Run on my tablet,If yes them its Fun for sure. 

Thanks and congratulations

Thank you! No controller support right now but I can put it on my list of things to add as we go. Also it's only intended for computer OS currently so as long as you play it on one of those, you will be all set :)

yeah but sometimes i like more joysticks,playing with distance,pluged on my tv