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My name is oxopotion and I'm happy you stopped by!

Flip Book is the best way to view all of my animations as they were meant to be seen! Now you can flip through and watch most any animation I have made in complete 3D! Okay not THAT kind of 3D but the virtual kind at least ;p

Because there are still many animations left to be added and because I never stop making new animations, this project will be continuously updating. Each update will come with, not only one or more new animations, but also new features to make things more and more enjoyable!

Once you purchase this game, you can come back any time to grab the most recent build with out ever paying again (make sure you are logged in to your itch.io account)! It's kind of like early access or something, right?

The Controls


  • RMB (Hold): Rotate camera
  • MMB (Hold): Pan camera 
  • LMB (On Abby): Focus camera on point
  • Mouse Wheel: Zoom in and out
  • 1,2,3: Focus camera on key points
  • Shift + RMB: Smooth zoom in and out 
  • Ctrl + RMB: Pan camera


  • Q: Open animation menu
  • E: Open outfit menu
  • W: Open player menu
  • H: Hide/un-hide all menu items
  • Esc: Exit the game


  • Alt + LMB (Hold): Rotate sun
  • Alt + LMB (Double-Click) Reset sun


  • Left Arrow Key: Previous animation
  • Right Arrow Key: Next animation
  • P: Pause and play


  • Space Bar (Hold): Fluid particle

This project as well as my other erotic work is only made possible thanks to the amazing support of my wonderful patrons. If you are interested in seeing monthly progress and getting exclusive content, consider supporting me on my Patreon! 



Download NowName your own price

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Flip Book Update 004 (Win x64).zip 33 MB
Flip Book Update 004 (Win x86).zip 31 MB
Flip Book Update 004 (Linux).zip 52 MB
Flip Book Update 004 (Mac OS X).app.zip 48 MB
Flip Book Demo (Win x64).zip 33 MB
Flip Book Demo (Win x86).zip 31 MB
Flip Book Demo (Linux).zip 52 MB
Flip Book Demo (Mac OS X).app.zip 48 MB