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My name is oxo potion and I'm happy you stopped by!

Abby is a cute, quirky, short, sweet, and sometimes clumsy 3D character model created in Maya and featured in my previous erotic game Poke Abby and Poke Abby HD. She has also been featured in my many earlier animations, most of which can now be found in Flip Book! And now, through the magic of sharing, she is available to anyone and everyone :D

The intention of this asset is for those who wish to create their own content using Abby such as animations and mods for games as well as for those who just want to use the model as a starting point for their own characters :) This asset is not intended to be redistributed especially if you are going to be a silly so-and-so and try selling the package or its contents.

This package includes:

  • Abby + Abby HD rigged models in .fbx .ma and .mb format
  • All the various face sprites for eyes and mouth movement
  • Hair, skin, uniform, and underwear textures
  • Character Map.txt (A brief overview of the files)
  • Unity package of all assets including prefabs
  • Read Me.txt

This asset as well as my other erotic work is only made possible thanks to the amazing support of my wonderful patrons. If you are interested in seeing monthly progress and getting exclusive content, consider supporting me on my Patreon! 



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Abby Character Model.zip 17 MB


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DetalhesHi I live in Brazil I liked your game I wanted to support you on Patreon But I'm not finding you I click on the link but you have no option to support

Hey, I'm having trouble with the placement of the content from the zip file. I'm very confused 3:

Hey OxoPotion, i've been a supporter on patreon for a while, and have recently got a vive, but it appears you've taken  down your patreon along with the access to your games. If you could get back to me that would be great :)

Hello OxoPotion, much time since i played this amazing funny and horny game... so i am developing an RPG and came by this page again... i would love to use your model as an character for my RPG, but i need to know if you agree with this? i want to make an Little Witch that pass by player and give hin some potions.... do you agree with im using your model for a game? i mean i will sell this game when i finish, but ofcourse you will be granted with an copy of my game, for sure! 

I am developing enviroment and planing some characters visual, i finished story and planing also effects like fog,fire and monsters... later i will implement mechanism of play and i put VR plugin... it will be WITH VR and Without VR to many people play it

Thank you for all... i love much Abby adventures ^_^ and i hope see she again on a more horny game with much poses,penetrations and adventures like trolls grabin she, ghosts, tentacles, etc...


I just wanted to post what we are currently doing with the model: https://wildcardstudios.itch.io/magical-tailoress 

Of course since it's a RPG we definitely would need a male equivalent. You are definitely being credited for use. 

Do you still need a male version?

I do actually

I was wondering, how did you build the Light Shafts in the map for Poke Abby in Blender, I'm very confused.


If I'm remembering correctly, I extruded out the edges of the window and duplicated that shape to have two layers. In Unity, I animated the UVs so each layer's texture moved opposite to each other and it created a cool effect :)

In blender? because I'm using your game assets to try to recreate the scene (sorry) and you have models for the light shafts and textures for them as well. Were you able to recreate them in Blender, or does it have to be in unity? and any other tips or tutorials to use for the AMAZING environment you have made?

Haha if you managed to rip the assets from the game, I'm sure you will manage to make some light shafts on your own ;p
Also, you asked about the software I use; it shouldn't matter what you use, they all do the same thing.

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ha, funny joke. There is software for that, but I'm just a beginner at Blender :p But seriously, it dosn't make any sense.



I created a Unity package and included that in the download as well.  It contains prefabs all set up with materials and their respective textures for a quick start :)


How are you doing lately?

So, which programs does this work best with?  Or should i just expriment?

You will get started much quicker if you use the .ma or .mb file and open it in Maya. If you don't have Maya, the .fbx will import into most any 3D software but some minor elements won't carry over. If the rig doesn't function properly when imported as .fbx, it may just need a little extra work on your end to make the proper connections again.

And to answer your second question; yes experiment! It's free so there's nothing to lose :)

Question,  Are you open to commissions ? I'd love a male equivalent 

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Sorry, I don't do commission type stuff :( I do have a male version of Abby though! Maybe I'll add that to the pack :)

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I actually made my own a while ago and did somethings with it (including a police uniform), but didn't looked as neat.

Thank you for sharing it, I'm looking for seeing more your lovely art style in the future.

Wow great animation! You can really feel some of those hits :) Keep it up!

Wow, I just saw this. Thank you very much.

nice what programs for animating figures do u recommend

I used Blender which is probably the best you can get for free. Also there are several great tutorials on their official Youtube channel.

does it work in vrchat?

It should! I heard from a few that they got the character in there with no problems :) But don't take our word for it, give it a try :D

Thank you so much for generously releasing your model. I have had so much fun playing with Abby's model. The simplistic beauty of the model has inspired me to try and work towards an original creation of my own, so thank you and best of luck on your future projects.  :) 

  (Here's Abby in some fun poses.)

I'm really glad you have been able to take so much away from working with the model and I hope I have the chance to see your future creations :) Also, thanks so much for sharing those renders you made! I never saw Abby look so lifelike before! If you are on tumblr or twitter, please show me and I'll be sure to re-post your Abby stuff on my profile! You can reach me through either of those sites :)

Just to be clear, The asset cannot be sold but games made with the character (credited of course) can be?


That's right :)

Thats mighty cool of you, shes a cute model. At some point I might play around with it.